The Christian Counselor’s New Testament and Proverbs is Back!

The Christian Counselor’s New Testament and Proverbs (CCNT/P) is back! It features Dr. Adams’ original translation of the Greek text to which he has added helpful notes and cross-references, which will be of help to the counselor. In the back, he has appended a section of helps which include counseling outlines, check-lists, a topical index, charts, and more. It is beautifully leather-bound with a stitched binding. You can read Dr. Adams’ forward here.

The price you see listed ($48) is 20% off the normal retail price of $60.

A word about ordering. The CCNT/P cannot be ordered through our regular online bookstore. That bookstore is powered by our friends at Aerio and we urge you to check it out while you are here. But because the CCNT/P is a leather-bound volume and not a paper or hard-bound book, they were not equipped to handle it in the gentle, careful way our Seminary bookstore would. The order you place here will go directly to the Seminary bookstore where it will be lovingly filled by our diligent staff. If you would like to speak to someone in our Seminary bookstore directly, call (901) 751-3082. Please note that they are only open to receive calls Tuesday – Thursday.

Finally, a word about shipping: we charge a low, low flat fee of $6 for all orders under $100. For orders over $100, we pay shipping! Sorry, we are only able to ship to USA addresses.