About Our Bookstore

This is your one stop shopping place for all the published works of Dr. Jay E Adams. Recently the Institute for Nouthetic Studies assumed the publishing responsibilities of the former Timeless Texts titles as well as all Dr. Adams’ books that are out of print. Here you will not only find those titles which are now published by the Institute, but also those that have been faithfully published by other publishers for many years.


We know you have many options for purchasing books on the internet. We are glad for them all because our primary goal is to make Dr. Adams’ book widely accessible and read by the new generation of pastors and counselors. We also understand that you often (but not always) can buy from Amazon for a bit less, especially if you are an Amazon Prime member. But as you make your buying decisions please consider the following:


– Because of Amazon’s dominance, they can extract deep discounts from publishers for the privilege of selling on their platform. All publishers, not just us, have to discount to them deeply.


– Those discounts do not necessarily go to the buyer. How much of that discount is passed on is determined by computer algorithms, algorithms which are inscrutable to both buyers and publishers.


– As a result, while you may save a small percentage by buying from Amazon, the publisher is often giving up 20% to 30% more than they do to other retailers.


– Still, we believe you will find our pricing to be competitive. All books published by the Institute and sold in our bookstore are discounted 20%. The amount of discount we are able to provide on books published by other publishers is out of our control but we do our best to discount those 20% as well.


Why does any of this matter to you? Well, we want to encourage you to buy from our site if you can. You see, the primary reason we exist is not to make a profit, but we have to make a profit in order to exist. While buying from us rather than Amazon may cost YOU a few cents points more, it will mean that we are able to make 20 – 30 percent more by bypassing Amazon.


No one at the Institute profits from Dr. Adams’ books. We all continue to make the same salary we did before we began publishing. Putting Dr. Adams’ books back into print is a labor of love for us, but it will be expensive. Every cent of profit is put back into publishing so we can make all his books available again as quickly as possible.


Thank you for shopping with us and for helping us make the joy of reading Jay Adams possible for a new generation of God’s people.

How do I order titles in quantity?

If you need more than 6 copies of a title please contact us. We may be able to help on the price. Please understand, however, we can only help on the titles we publish. The titles published by Zondervan or P & R are out of our hands. Our books are listed in a special collection in our bookstore entitled “Books Published by INS.”


The best way to contact us is by email at INSpublishing@mabts.edu. We do not have a full time staff taking orders so please be patient with us. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours on weekdays. You are welcome to try calling us but if you get our machine, please consider emailing us instead of leaving a message so you can be sure we are able to understand your message. Our phone number is (864) 399-9583.

How about bookstore orders?

Bookstores can order small quantities through their Ingram account. For larger orders, we can probably give you a better discount directly. Email us at INSpublishing@mabts.edu. Again, we can only help you with titles we publish (see previous question).

Who do I contact if there is a problem with my order?

Ingram Book Company handles our order fulfillment through an e-commerce platform they call “Aerio” (I don’t get it either). They have a responsive team of customer service reps who can help with any problem. Contact them by email at aeriosupport@ingramcontent.com. You can also simply hit “reply” to the email confirmation you receive.

Still, I think my best option is to order from Amazon. Will you be mad at me?

A little, but we will get over it. Amazon is one of those companies we love and hate at the same time. How can you not respect a guy who starts a company in his garage and then becomes the richest man in the world? I buy from Amazon regularly. We love the convenience, we often hate the political agenda.


There is still a way you can help us. Click on the Amazon link at the bottom of this page when you do go to Amazon and order from that page. You will see a long string of code in the resulting address bar that includes our marker (instifornouth-20). Deep down, Jeff Bezos is a nice guy. He has directed his minions to give us a small cut of everything you order from him when he sees that code. You can help us if you use that link when you purchase ANYTHING from Amazon, not just books. Bookmark that page so you do not have to return to our site to find the link every time you shop Amazon.

I am looking for a specific book but I do not see it listed in your bookstore. Why not?

There are many good books being written these days, for which we are thankful. But sadly, there are also countless bad books seeking a place on your bookshelf as well. Many books are carefully written by thoughtful authors who have something profitable to add to the corpus of thought in our circles. We want to sell and promote these titles.


However, we have found that books marketed to the biblical counseling world sometimes fall into one of these categories:


*  Many books, written by well meaning authors, are just not well written and are a chore to read.


*  Some books simply say things that others have already said before—but usually not as well.


*  Our greatest concern, however, are those books that claim to promote biblical counseling but in reality promote an eclectic mix of secular psychology, poor theology, feeling orientation, straw men, and anecdotes. Often these titles will even have the term “biblical counseling” in the title. Sometimes these books will boast endorsements by well known personalities whose names are either being used without their permission or who did not really read the book before offering their endorsing blurb. These books are the bane of our movement.


Now, just because you do not see a specific book listed here, please do not conclude that we believe it falls into one of the above categories. It could be that we are just unaware of the book. We don’t get out much. It is also possible that we just have not had opportunity to review it yet.


Finally, you should know that we do list some books on our site that we do not like. Why would we do this? Because it gives us an opportunity to post our review along with the book explaining why we don’t like it. We do not believe we are the final word on what you should or should not read. We are just glad for the opportunity to tell you what we think about books. Thoughtful readers will, of course, agree with our assessments.

I am looking for one of Dr. Adams' books but I do not find it listed in your bookstore. Why is this?

If you discover that a book written by Dr. Adams is not available here in our bookstore it will be for one of two reasons. First, it may simply be out of print. Please email us and let us know what book you are looking for. We will be prioritizing the books we bring back into print by demand.


Second (but rarely), the publisher of the book may not be making it available to us. We know of one publisher who only makes titles available on Amazon and no other way. No, we don’t understand it either.

I have written a book. Would you consider including it in your bookstore?

Yes! Send us two hard copies of the book, one for me and one for Dr. Adams. I promise to read it. I can only promise that I will get the other copy to Dr. Adams’ desk. I can’t promise he will read it. We generally do not review electronic copies.

What about the Christian Counselor's New Testament? Will it be available again soon?

Yes! We have spent many months editing and reformatting Dr. Adams’ translation of the Greek New Testament and it is in print once again. You can order your copy here.

You are answering these questions in the first person. Who are you?

Sorry, I should have said this earlier. Unless clearly indicated otherwise, everything you read on this site, including these Q & A’s, are the thoughts and musings Donn R Arms, the General Editor of INS Publishing and the Director of the Institute for Nouthetic Studies. I alone am responsible for the typos, mis-spullins, and bad grammer you find heere. Opinions expressed in book reviews, and on other matters, do not necessarily represent the views of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary nor Dr. Jay Adams.