The Institute for Nouthetic Studies is Now a Publisher! - INS
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The Institute for Nouthetic Studies is Now a Publisher!

We are pleased to announce that the Institute for Nouthetic Studies is now a publisher! The Institute has assumed responsibility for all the titles formerly published by Timeless Texts as well as all the works published by Jay Adams that are now out of print.

Today marks the “soft” launch of our new online bookstore. We are calling it a “soft” launch as it is still a work in progress. Many titles are yet to be added. When we set this date to launch, we were confident we would have all the titles available but alas, we are at the mercy of the timetable of third parties who host our bookstore and do our eCommerce. Most of Dr. Adams’ books that are published by others are posted to the site, but we are still waiting to post the former Timeless Texts titles. We anticipate this will be accomplished very soon.

During the weeks and months to follow, you will find announcements on this page of the republication of books that are now out of print—some of which have not been available for years. We also have several new books by Dr. Adams in the pipeline. As books are republished, they will also be made available as eBooks.

We are excited to make Dr. Adams’ books available again to a new generation of biblical counselors. Please help us get the word out by using your social media presence to point others to our site.